SCG Cyber delivers next-generation endpoint security and data encryption services to protect businesses around the globe. Our intelligence-driven approach quantifies your risk and stops modern threats in real time, helping secure the connected world.

Detect. Secure. Stop Attacks.

Do you know how vulnerable your network really is? Are you protected against attacks or theft from within your own organization?  Can you accurately quantify the monetary risk of your current security state to know how much to budget for defense and what to spend your budget on?

At SCG Cyber, these are the questions we answer for our clients every day. Then we help best position your defensives and protect your assets. 

Based around the globe, our team and partners consist of some of the world’s best security engineers, scientists, cryptologists, and cyber-intelligence experts.  We provide solutions that clone your network and endpoints and run real attacks against them, analyzing the results to pinpoint and prioritize your vulnerabilities.  We show you how to reduce your attack surface with automated security configuration management. Then we provide tools to detect and respond to attacks, while surgically remediating affected systems without interrupting your business.  We ensure your privacy and safeguard your data using today’s best, comprehensive encryption solutions. 

We also look for special projects to throw our team against.  Do you have a unique and complicated challenge to overcome?  Do you need policy, security architecture, or customized insider-threat program assistance?  Let us know how we can help.