Endpoint security that identifies risk and stops modern cyber attacks around the clock.


Identify Your Risk

How secure are you from modern cyber attacks?  What about your customers? These are the most difficult questions every security team must answer.

What's your process for assessing the real risk to your network, endpoints, and data, and ultimately to your company and customers?

Are all your assets and access points protected?  


At SCG Cyber, we clone your network and endpoints in a virtual environment, and run thousands of real cyberattacks against the replica of your system.  We analyze the damage, resulting in a series of detailed scorecards.  These risk reports pinpoint your largest vulnerabilities and provide guidance on investment in improvements. Our risk quantification technology informs your board, advises your executives, and guides necessary action by your security staff. 

Our system alleviates the need for hypothetical guesswork.  We measure the risk for you, saving you time and money.




Using patented machine-learning algorithms, we can automate security controls and configurations, drastically improving your cyber hygiene.  We provide continuous scanning of each endpoint, locating and resolving configuration violations with minimal human intervention.



24/7 Real-Time Protection

By capturing and analyzing machine behavior, we expose anomalies in real time that indicate the presence of advanced malware.  The instant a potential threat is detected, a contextual remediation plan is built from change detection, granular detection, machine learning and patented algorithms.  The exploit and all associated collateral damage are repaired.  Infected assets are restored back to their pre-attack state.

No re-imaging is required.  Offending executables are stopped in their tracks.  Altered configuration settings are repaired.  Deleted or corrupted files are restored.  Open ports are slammed shut.  

All this happens around the clock, while your business operations continue uninterrupted.